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Cwejman Mic Preamps ..

Cwejman_AP-1_SLWe finally got some of the very rare mic preamps AP-1 with integrated compressor and envelope follower by Wowa Cwejman coming in now. There are still a few available at the time. We also get some filters, the MMF-1 in, but they are all ordered already, as far as I know. Wowa Cwejman told nothing about a concrete delivery date for S1 units, at the time he is working on something new taking the artist apart from the daily work (!), we are sorry.

Kollektivmaschine – Konzert in Frankfurt 11.9.2013

Am Mittwoch den 11 September  spielt das Trio Kollektivmaschine die Performance Dancing and Demonstrating im MMK Sunset in Frankfurt.

kollKollektivmaschine erstellen Soundmaterial aus Nachrichtenbeiträgen, Fernsehsendungen,
Youtube-Footage, eigens erzeugten EGitarrenklängen und bringen komplex verschaltete Effekt- und Delaygeräte zusammen.Das Soundmaterial  wird dann im Modularsystem weiterverarbeitet.

Kollektivmaschine treiben Materialzusammenhänge auf die Spitze und provozieren unerwartete Ausfälle.

viel Spass

Burqamaschinen on Friday

Burqamaschinen and our Friend and client Thomas Rehnert will be playing  live sets this Friday in Berlins Le Secret AV-Club starting at 9pm.

Thomas Rehnert will be using an A-100 modular system and the Video image processor by  Dave Jones that seemingly none of our clients except Thomas Rehnert did understand so far.

So if you want to know more about modular video performances go there to see what to make with such impressions, thank you.

Speedy times ..

s1frontEverything is fast, everybody wants to have stuff and quick and fast n SOFORT?
Were sorry, but some things will never happen as you as our clients could think. I guess my friend Ken Macbeth is one those who will ship for sure, we just dont know when. Another friend of us Senior Cwejman will now finish another batch of his brilliant S1 halfmodular synth and we will have them end of January probably. And because it is a one mans company he will not do nothing else until this job will be done. So if you are on one of his waiting lists for more modular components, please wait in patience: We have NOT forgotten you and we will definitely get back to you as soon as we will know about their soon arrival ..

.. and have a nice christmas !


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