XOR-Electronics presents the Nerdseq at Superbooth17, a composition tool with ten tracks. Notes and additional commands are entered via buttons into a tracker-style user interface. Patterns can have a length of up to 64 steps. The first six tracks come equipped with configurable CV, trigger and mod outputs. For processing patterns, there are quantize, glide, re-trigger and groove options. Parameter automations are possible as well. Track seven to ten are sample channels. Audio material can be fed to the module via a Micro SD card. Internally, samples can be reversed and processed with effects. – Per step, of course. The Micro SD card is also used to save projects. One file can hold enough data for several songs. Other features include four user assignable inputs, clock and reset connectors as well as (wave-)table functions.

The Nerdseq can be expanded via an I/O module. It adds a MIDI DIN input and output plus a connector for Sega gamepads to the sequencer.

Furthermore, a module called NSR-Expander will become available shortly after the Nerdseq. This circuit adds a cartridge slot to the system, which can be used to tie-in synthesizer voices. Up to four expanders are connectable to the Nerdseq. At Superbooth17, visitors can already take a look at Meeblip, Ploytec PL2, AT Megatron and DSP-GI cartridges.

The Nerdseq is expected to be released this summer.