Monday, May 10, 2021

STG Soundlabs – a full voice in eurorack format

Some of the STG Soundlabs modules can be considered modern classics, and with some new circuitry, STG Soundlabs aka Suit and Tie Guy offers enough modules to compose unique and high-quality complete voices/systems. For this video we explored a powerful STG Soundlabs system that is very ergonomic and beautiful to look at, with its spacious design and  great choice of knobs. And how does it sound? We like it!

Here are some words about each module used in the video:

.VCO – This oscillator features a sawtooth, triangle, and sub octave square wave output, and an integrated drift generator. This VCO’s tuning system is unique in modular synthesis. There are three controls: Range, Semitone, and Detune. Range and Semitone are stepped controls on potentiometers. The Range knob allows you to select different octaves as audio oscillator or low frequency oscillator. Wide mode allows you to sweep through 5 octaves with the Detune knob. The Semitone knob is configured to step through the semitones, with twice the rotational degree for the root, fifth and octave – very handy.

The Envelope Generator is a pretty complex module with three different envelope models – a Moog 911 style ADSR, EMS style Trapezoid Generator and the unique Pyramid Blaster. It always gives you two types of envelopes at the same time on the A & B outputs, every stage is voltage controllable and so on. This is one of those modules that has a lot more to offer than you might initially expect.

STG’s Wave Folder module is a smooth and rich sounding wavefolder based on diodes. The module is extremely pleasant to use, because it is very difficult to find unpleasant settings. Throw anything at it and it will enrich the sound.

.MIX is a three-channel mixer module – parts of its circuitry come from the good old Moog CP3. Audio signals can be distorted easily and beautifully. The module is well suited for audio signals but also CVs can be mixed with it. The output attenuator is bi-polar.

Sea Devils Filter – Replica of a 3-pole diode lowpass filter from a British suitcase synthesizer. This tasty diode filter has a filter slope of 18dB and in addition to CV inputs for controlling the Cutoff frequency it also offers voltage control of the resonance.

Post Lawsuit LPF – Excellent sounding reproduction of the low pass filter known from the later models of the ARP 2600. It´s not the Moog cascade filter ARP used first but their own design. A very rich sounding VCF.

.VCA – Dual linear VCA with settable AC / DC coupling per channel. Each of both linear VCAs has one signal input, one signal output and one CV input.

.SHN – A Sample and Hold circuit and an analog noise generator with white and pink noise in one narrow module. The white noise is normalized to the control input of the S&H, this normalization can be deactivated by inserting an external sample signal into the control jack.

.BAM – This handy module contains a bipolar attenuator and an active multiple. Thanks to a normalization, both modules can be conveniently used together.


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