Special Workshop – MARCH 22nd, 6PM @SchneidersLaden -> lets talk about SEQUENCERS!

Special Workshop – MARCH 22nd, 6PM @SchneidersLaden -> lets talk about SEQUENCERS!

Hello modular newbies! March 22/6PM, we will give a Special Workshop in our once again expanded SchneidersLaden showroom.

We are doing another workshop! Mark the date on your calendar and come by, learn something about the fascinating world of sequencing in eurorack. Three members of our Schneidersladen team present to you noteworthy or interesting sequencers for eurorack modular synthesizers. Our goal is to give you some new perspectives and ideas on sequencers and to discuss pros and cons of different concepts to find out what it is you are searching for in a sequencer for your rack. The sequencers we are covering will mainly be melodic sequencers with trigger/gate and CV tracks.

Workshop starts 6pm! and it is free of charge – as always!


@ our showroom -> Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket

(use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…

>>>  Please write Miquel for confirmation:  md@schneidersladen.de

Looking forward to see you there!!!

The SchneidersLaden showroom team

If you can’t wait for the workshop to start please feel free to read these two posts about the same topic:


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