In their weekly Modular Beginner Workshop series SchneidersLaden helped hundreds of musicians to make their first steps into this special field of creative expression. Mostly these workshops are held by an expert from the shop, but from time to time there is a special guest: On August 22nd the Modular Beginner Workshop is held by Gammon – who is an experienced modular artist and the founder of the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble. This project provides an immediate access to modular synthesizers and gives the participants the chance to experience the development process of electronic sounds in a practical and sensitive way. They experiment and improvise but in particular focus on playing music together. Find out more on the official website.

For the modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden Gammon is bringing one of the ensemble instruments and will talk the participants through everything that is needed to understand these instruments. Furthermore he will make sure that all participants will be able to confidently make their own first patch afterwards.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from an experienced expert in the field of teaching modulars! Join the workshop for free – Thursday 22nd of August – 6pm at SchneidersLaden.

If you can’t make it to this workshop but want to take part in a Modular Synthesizer Ensemble workshop, check out the official website. There are currently projects planned in Krems – Austria, Bolzano – Italy and Hamburg – Germany.

If you can’t make it it to this workshop, be sure to try to be there on another Thursday for SchneidersLadens regular, weekly Modular Beginner Workshop! More info here.