A short explanation to everybody who is new in the modular/analog world: often we are asked why it takes so long for some products to be back in stock and why the delivery times can be so long.

See, nowadays we live in a fast world where we are used to order stuff and get them immediately. Well, in our branch it is different, as most of our manufactures work completely alone or in very small companys and some of them still make (parts of) their products by hand. It´s not mass production from Far East where our manuafcturers get containers of readymade products. Besides the production job they manufacturers also are busy to invent new and interesting modules and synths – and that´s what´s it all about, right? 🙂

We always try our best to deliver as soon as possible and to have it in stock for pick up in our shop. But the analog world still is a little village and good things need time – so if some product takes a while to be available please just take a breath and be patient – we and the manufacturers try the best to make you happy and don´t forget you !!! Cheers 🙂new_modular1