hi – its me CARLO -and  this is a quite personal thing:

I’m looking for a new flat to rent from November / January on.  2 to 4 rooms (for 2 / 3 people) in Berlin somewhere between kreuzberg- Frh / Treptow-nkln  – like the middle east  –  of course a sunny garden balkony loft would be perfect – but much more important would be good neighbors or none at all – we are not so superquiet- but friendly. We can’t afford totally over renovated boring flats so some character is better than too posh.  If you know anything –
please write a mail to info@schneidersbuero.de (regarding: carlosflat) …
thanx for all infos in  advance and – ´ve a good time –

jesus_room-for-rent-11cheers,    carlo