SchneidersLaden will be open on December 23./27./30. – and will be back on January 6th, due to the necessary inventory.

Here are some more updates about Berlins biggest synthesizer Fachgeschäft:

The newly arranged showroom not only will have a permanent installation by Dadmachines, but also feature an original Moog Modular! In times of clone wars there has to be one small village (of indomitable Gauls) that still holds out against… forgot what I wanted to say…

…anyway: In case you didn’t notice, there are a lot of very nice sale items up on the SchneidersLaden website – find them here.

Back to the showroom: There is a new installation by Dadamachines in one of the showrooms. Play the musical ceiling!

And more great news? Yes:

Superbooth Berlin announces the first artists for SUPERBOOTH20 shortly before the end of the year. In addition, details of the further supporting and educational program, the boat shuttles and the official Aftershow events have been determined. And: There will still be a limited number of Early-Bird tickets until the end of the year!

  • The musical program of SUPERBOOTH20 is inspired by the music Berlin is famous for all over the world: Surgeon, Lady Starlight, Cosmin TRG, Pablo Mateo and Zavoloka perform live techno and electronic music at its best. Further top-class artists will be announced in spring 2020.
  • In the Bermuda Triangle between OHM, Discothek Melancholie 2 and C-Base, near the historic harbor, the official SUPERBOOTH20 Aftershow Events will take place – which can be reached perfectly during the event days with the soon bookable boat shuttles.
  • In the coming year, too, educating the next generation will be right at the top of SUPERBOOTH20’s list of priorities. More workshops will be offered for Berlin school classes. Besides Gammon and his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, there will be DIY workshops for children and teenagers with Olivier von Leaf Audio in the morning.
  • Two little hints:
    • Until the end of the year the current Early-Bird discount level applies to all tickets for SUPERBOOTH20.
    • SUPERBOOTH20 now has its own online shop: In addition to the intended significant simplification in purchasing additional trade fair services, there are already some of the popular T-shirts and other merchandise available: