Nice weather, exciting records, wonderful people and a special modular synth performance – the perfect day in Berlin!

SchneidersLaden joined the numerous independent record labels at Krake festivals Label Boutique Market at Urban Spree. Next to the food and drink stands SchneidersLaden seemed to be the only non-label stand, at least that was the impression you could get. At the stand SchneidersLaden presented their two Verleihsysteme, the Shared System by Make Noise and the Studio System. Head over to SchneidersLaden to check out the rental terms!



The Krake Festival in Berlin organized the Label Boutique Market at Urban Spree. Finally we got some good weather in Berlin again which was important because the Label Boutique Market was an open air event. The really nice atmosphere was created by the relaxed and interested people and the location with its unique flair.


From 6 pm on Jessica and Miguel from SchneidersLaden played a very nice performance on their personal modular systems. Miquel used an Elektron Device next to his one row of modular. Here are some pictures of their performance, with a bit of luck there might be an audio recording of this online.