Monday, Oct 15, 2018

Kreisferkeer Flaake – live @SUPERBOOTH18

Live electronic music by Kreisferkeer Flaake at SUPERBOOTH18 on May the 4th 2018 – improvised for this evening and for this place. All Kreisferkeer…
Monday, Oct 15, 2018

DigitalAnalog 2018 in Munich – with SchneidersLaden

On Thursday SchneidersLaden is about head off towards Munich to participate at the very special DigitalAnalog Festival – once again bringing …
Friday, Oct 12, 2018

Max Loderbauer & Tobias Freund as NSI @SUPERBOOTH18

Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund have been producing and playing under the name NSI for years. Finally on Superbooth18 they played this great set w…
Thursday, Sep 27, 2018

TouellSkouarn concert and workshop // October 4th @SchneidersLaden

On the 4th of October (7:30pm) we have TouellSkouarn as our guest. The company that develops and manufactures eurorack modules was founded in 2010 …
Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018

Bernhard Rasinger alias BR Laser live @SUPERBOOTH18

Bernhard Rasinger performs his laser shows as BR Laser – he uses a voltage controlled synthesizer and laser to create incredible audiovisual …
Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018

(UPDATE) DeWalta & Shannon – live and workshop //October 11th

We are so very happy and excited to be able to announce on short notice: DeWalta&Shannon return to SchneidersLaden for a live performance and w…
Thursday, Sep 20, 2018

Video: Phonoschrank concert @SchneidersLaden

The Phonoschrank concert is one to remember – massive experimental noise music with enough impact, that Andreas Schneider invited Phonoschran…
Thursday, Sep 20, 2018

Bernhard Rasinger – Audiovisual Laser Performance // September 27th @SchneidersLaden

Bernhard Rasinger aka BR-Laser is famous for is incredible live laser-shows. He presented his work all around the globe and pays Berlin a visit on …


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