Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019

Video: Schneidersladen Spezial – concerts by SchneidersLaden in SchneidersLaden

This was a very special event at SchneidersLaden – the SchneidersLaden Spezial concert! Our employees prepared some concerts, live improvisat…
Friday, Nov 29, 2019

UDO Audio – Super 6 workshop on Dec 5th

UDO Audio will be in Berlin to celebrate the near release of their first synthesizer the Super 6 – to do so they will come to SchneidersLaden…
Monday, Nov 25, 2019

Ableton CV Tools workshop at SchneidersLaden

This is gonna be a big one: SchneidersLaden and Ableton present a workshop about integrating modular synthesizers with Ableton CV Tools. Abletons M…
Friday, Nov 22, 2019

Video: MFB Tanzbär 2 workshop at SchneidersLaden

The MFB Tanzbär 2 is one of the most complete drum machines on the market. Jean-Marcel Fricke from MFB presents their biggest drum machine project …
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

Dadamachines workshop on Thursday 21st Nov!

The next workshop – on November 21st – is all about physical movement. Dadamachines provides you with the ability to play physical objects with you…
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019

Bitwig Workshop – Nov 14th at SchneidersLaden

On November 14th SchneidersLaden is crossing borders between computer and modular worlds with the first workshop to about integrating your modular …
Monday, Nov 11, 2019

Video: vpme.de and Matze – Workshop and performance

Vladimir Pantelic aka vpme.de – creator of the Euclidean Circles and the new Quad Drum Voice came to SchneidersLaden for a workshop. We learned mor…
Friday, Nov 01, 2019

Supercritical Synthesizer Workshop on November 7th!

Another week another workshop! SchneidersLaden welcomes Supercritical Synthesizers on November 7th. Surely the most far traveled guests of this wor…


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