Hello Patch-People, Synthesizer-Enthusiasts, Newbies and Hardcore Modular-Addicts!

Next week there will be another of our very special workshops. We are very honored to welcome Walker Farrell as our guest on November 9th/6pm. Please join us that day in our beloved and newly arranged showroom!

Walker Farrell from Make Noise is coming to talk to us about the history and future of Make Noise and his own thoughts about modular synths and his music. We will also discuss the philosophy that guides Make Noise when planning instruments and iconic modules like Maths, Erbe-Verb or Morphagene.

Make Noise is one of the key companies of the recent modular renaissance and they keep on developing new and visionary ideas and pushing boundaries.

Join us on this very special evening!


>>> please write Thomas for registration: tc@schneidersladen.de <<<


Beer, Pretzels and Gummy Bears provided! Entry is free but limited to 30 Participants.

We start around 6pm in our showroom (Kotti above REWE)

Looking forward to see you!!!

the schneidersladen showroom team