This week on sale at SchneidersLaden in Berlin you’ll find something for your rhythmical needs – the InnerClock Systems’ SyncGen2 PRO as well as KOMA’s Rhythm Workstation RH-101.

Still available for a reduced price there’s the marvelous NIIO Analog ROOM – a totally unique processing which mangle’s your stereo reverb’s stereo width and other crazy stunning stuff. Seriously, this machine makes your reverb breathe. An we’ll give you the official demo 19″ rack with punched NIIO logo for free. Grab it – there’s only one in stock.

Some Make Noise modules like the Phonogene and the Teleplexer might be interesting for you.

If you’re into comics and synths at the same time you might want to check out the Doepfer Dark Energy which we will deliver with a free copy of the very recent, marvelous, one and only CAPTAIN BERLIN comic. Yes folks, Berlin f***ing city has an own super hero fighting the evil, you better know that!