The two synthesizer experts Sacha Ketterlin and Tom Körting from SchneidersLaden in Berlin play on modular synthesizers and then explain in a compact and consistent way how they achieve their musical results.

Oscillator, filters, envelopes and other ingredients are explained by Tom Körting and Sacha Ketterlin and made audible through basic patches. Thus the audience first experiences the application of the synthesizers sensually and then gets an insight into the functionality and application possibilities of these fascinating instruments, which have experienced a remarkable renaissance in the past 15 years. At the end of the discussion concert, the audience will have the opportunity to try out specially configured systems and dive into the world of electronic sounds.

As part of the NOW! festival from 25 to 28 October at PACT Zollverein, everything will revolve around electronic music, its analog beginnings and its further development – including (synthesizer) concerts and workshops.


Additionally Sacha Ketterlin plays a concert on his modular synthesizer on Saturday night, followed by a session by Roman Flügel.

A congenial constellation, a night of electronic music! The concerts of the Berlin artist and composer Sacha Ketterlin (SchneidersLaden) are always a discovery of the technical basics of electronic sound production. Using his own modular systems and synthesizers, he produces sound and rhythm worlds in his concerts and DJ sets that range from ambient and techno to various musical styles.