There are not many days on that you can write about news that include the names Cwejman and Macbeth – Today is one of these days! Let’s begin with the more urgent news:

  1. Tomorrow there will be 20(!) Cwejman MBC-3 modules available at SchneidersLaden. What sounds much isn’t really, you better be fast! Even more if you prefer the green version of Cwejman modules, only three MBC-3 of this color are available. The other seventeen ones are eggshell. Not convinced you need hat compressor in your life? Check out this workshop with Wowa Cwejman himself to get your head straight – LINK.
  2. The MacBeth Elements EL2 is exclusively available at SchneidersLaden! -> write an e-Mail

Many of you will already know and might have dreamed about this at night. There is a new version of the Element by the Scottish synth wizard Ken MacBeth – the Elements EL2, one of the most expressive analog synthesizers of recent years, with some new features and improvements and no MIDI – when compared to the first version. Due to the fact that most users of the first Elements were only using CV and Gate to connect their Elements to the outer world this is no real loss – and it made some additional circuits possible. That is why we now find more Sync options, single outputs for each VCO, some handpicked vintage components and a new spring reverb! Which version is better you ask? Well – Ken answers this with a simple: They are different and equally good. Only 30 Elements EL2 will be made! So hurry up, you will probably only get this one chance to get one!

Find some more words about this unique instrument here. Or get your fingers on the EL2 at SchneidersLaden showroom!