New Stuff

Stuff and things is what you are here for? SchneidersLaden is expanding their portfolio with more Buchla and new modules by small manufacturers. Check out the highly flexible VPME Quad Drum Voice for example.

Pre-order the newly announced Buchla Easel Command and/or the Easel 208C! And if you can’t wait any longer on your first Buchla, why not get a Buchla LEM 208 that is in stock right now? Same goes for the Buchla LEM 4 Snoopy – which is compatible with MIDI and Eurorack CV!

Bring some stuff (color) to your life (modular). The Soundmachines SY1synesthesia is the world’s first eurorack CV to DMX converter. This module lets you add light synchronization to your sounds and music by connecting any DMX devices.

Acid Rain Technology from the US is bringing us some very handy eurorack utilities. And as you all know – utilities are what bring a modular system to live! So give the new Switchblade or Navigator a go.

Cheaper Things

All OTO’s are back. BIM, BAM, BOUM – things from France that make you sound better. These three little boxes are very well perceived as they do a great job in sounding incredible and different from most other delay, reverb and compressor/distortion effects.

Need more power to power your things? The 4ms Row Power 30 is now for sale! Your chance to grab one of these power supplies for a very good price before they’re gone.

Also on sale, something beautiful: The Manta Bundle by Snyderphonics! This unique and lovely controller comes with a versatile expander module for your eurorack system. Here is a video from SUPERBOOTH19 with Jeff Snyder & Josh Becker.