After their drone synth Stargazer left quite some impression on us, American manufacturer Moffenzeef is back with the Intensifies.

Even to us Intensifies is a somewhat alien concept and mixture. The company claims: „No! It’s not a guitar pedal!“

But what is it, exactly? Not sure if we can discuss that within these columns exhaustively, but let us have a look at the ingredients:  A line level Input with hefty gain stage and distortion, a sample and hold based “sample rate reducer” , a square based modulation oscillator and two photocells. And a noise synth with dedicated out on the side!

The input signal serves as carrier and can be distorted and crushed, while the modulator waveform (square) controls the amplitude of the carrier. Both carrier and modulator AND the noise synth can be controlled by the photocells. So besides twisting knobs you can perform in mid air…maybe playing air guitar!?!

Noise Synth and FX section could be used independently, but soundwise the Intensifies really lends itself to “texturisation” of the input signal and improvising with the noise synth on the side. Intensifies can be heard and experienced also in our showroom soon!