The new year is just about two weeks old and we can already be sure to see some exciting new electronic instruments soon – actually we already saw some amazing new tools that leaked already. For the NAMM Show in Anheim, California we have heard about news from Frap Tools, Doepfer, Frap Audio, Kenton, Verbos Electronics and Vermona. They all will show products not yet mentioned, but there will also be already announced new products from Haken Audio, Analogue Systems, Buchla, Cwejman,, E-RM, Flame and UDO Audio – all available for you to try out in Anaheim, CA..

Find some familiar faces by SchneidersLaden and Alex4, who brought well mixed and seasoned systems filled with modules by the brands they represent. You will find them at their excellent booth 10302 (Hall A).

The following brands will be there in person: Buchla, Doepfer,, Haken Audio, Kenton, Frap Tools, Frap Audio, UDO Audio, Verbos Electronics, Vermona, but there will also be thematic stations with new modules on polyphony (Humble Audio, E-RM, Supercritical Synthesizers) and distortion (Animal Factory and TouellSkouarn) and generally again a (mainly) modular playground for the visitors of the NAMM Show.



 Doepfer introduced four new modules: the A-174-4, a new joystick module with innovative functions, the A-183-4, a quad level converter, the A-130-8, an eightfold linear VCA / VC mixer, and the A-133-2, the slim version of the A-133 Dual VC Polarizer with some improvements and additions. 



Also already announced is the new complex oscillator by Frap Tools – Brenso. It is what you would expect …and much more. Two thru-zero oscillators, a waveshaper, two wavefoldes a PWM circuit. It offers linear and exponential FM, complex modulation busses and an analog circuit that, when excited by an external trig it opens the wavefolder above its maximum level and then closes it down with a non-linear slope, whose length can be manually regulated. This solution can generate percussive tones with a very organic decay.


And there is not only Frap Tools anymore – but also its twin, Frap Audio. Frap Audio is developing high quality audio products not for eurorack but for the 500 series format! Their first product is the exceptional DYNAMICS 2806 that you can see in the picture above.

The details of the new Verbos Electronics products will be gladly repeated for you: besides a compact 42HP case for the Mini Horse module, there will be a set of dummy plates (consisting of 1HP, 2HP, 2HP with logo and a 4HP dummy plate), the Foundation Oscillator (12HP), a Noise & Filter module in 4HP and a revised version of the Amp & Tone (10HP, the filter is now transistor based).


NAMM brought us one great new announcement from Animal Factory Amplification – Orobas, a dual vacuum tube VCA/saturator! This will be released as a limited edition – better be fast! 



Modal surprised with two new models of the still very new Modal Argon8. Now there are a desktop/rack module, a 61 Keys version and the original version with 37 keys, velocity and aftertouch.



All Argon8‘s are polyphonic wavetable synthesizer. The instrument’s eight voices each offer four oscillators with a rich wavetable repertoire and a morphing filter. There are three effect blocks for sound refinement. A total of eleven modulation sources, including two LFOs, three envelopes and a joystick that can be assigned to different destinations using a mod matrix. All in all a very complete concept with great looks and feels.