Mark Verbos presented his new Multi-Delay Processor at the NAMM show 2018. The module features eight echo taps. Its delay time can be set via a potentiometer. Additionally, there are two CV inputs with attenuators. The amplitude of the dry signal as well as each tap can be adjusted via sliders. Furthermore, there are individual audio and envelope follower outputs. Instead of a simple input, a three-channel mixer was implemented for feeding signals to the Multi-Delay Processor. As long as the second channel isn’t patched, it can be used to add a pitch shifted feedback signal (+1 octave) to the module’s sound. The same way, the third input allows you to add a feedback with a non-editable reverb effect. Besides a main output, there are four preset connectors. They emit rising or falling echo effects respectively just the odd or even bands. Thanks to modern converter technology, the Multi-Delay Processor generates full-bodied, high-fidelity sound. The pitch shifted feedback can be used to create shimmering echos. The reverb is great for producing space effects.

verbos 01

And here is a video by sonicstate: