Two new Touell Skouarn modules were introduced at the NAMM show 2018. Strakal Orsel is a tube distortion circuit with voltage controllable gain parameter. The sound character is angry. – No, wait… The sound character is brutal. – No, wait… What comes after brutal? Anyway, with feeding some rather boring drum sounds to the module, we created unbelievably harsh, screaming results. Afterwards, we transformed a softly played acoustic guitar into a wall of sound. In fact, some other exhibitors came to the Touell Skouarn table to check out what the f*ck we were doing. The module utilizes military grade NOS tubes to process sound. They are driven conservatively, meaning the components don’t heat up that much. – No chance to burn your fingers! Thanks to two feedback loops, the sound can be varied quite nicely. Without an input signal, the Strakal Orsel is usable as a weird noise generator. The CV input makes it possible to utilize the module as a dirty VCA. Compared to the Strakal Brulu, the new module sounds more warm and smooth. – Even though it is an angry bastard.touellskouarn 01_s_rThe second novelty is the Skroenjal, an experimental drone voice. It consists of a Strakal Orsel, a Skorn da Bask triple VCO with low-pass filter and a Heklev effects unit. In contrast to the individual Skorn da Bask module, the circuit built into this synthesizer voice features a separate output per oscillator. Thanks to this, it is possible to use one (or more) of the VCOs for modulations.

Both the Strakal Orsel and the Skroenjal will become available in spring 2018.

touellskouarn 02_s