Andrew Morelli from Steady State Fate gave us a quick demo of his new modules at the NAMM show 2018. Bantam is a high-end synthesizer voice with two regular oscillators, a Mod VCO, noise generator, mixer, multi-mode filter and VCA. Furthermore, an ADSR envelope, a function generator, a delay effect and a MIDI / CV interface with two channels were implemented. All audio generators, processing stages and modulates are well-equipped. Thanks to a total of 54 patch points, the synthesis components can be flexibly connected. In use, the Bantam shines with beefy, yet very precise sound. Its two-channel MIDI / CV interface makes it possible to create duophonic patches.

ssf 02_s

The Zero Point Oscillator is another promising module designed by Steady State Fate. The VCO generates lots of waves, has morphing capabilities, linear as well as exponential FM and it comes equipped with a sub-oscillator. The main highlight, however, is something else: Its Thru Zero application point can be shifted. This feature makes the Zero Point Oscillator a full-blooded FM monster. We can’t wait to get our hands on the final version of the VCO.

ssf 04_s

Mr. Morelli also showed us the Muton, an eight-channel summing mixer with soft mute switches. Thanks to discrete circuitry and high-end components, this module delivers studio-grade audio quality. Furthermore, SSF will release the Detect-Rx this year, an envelope follower with gate extractor, rectifier and thru channel. Also, a buffered multiple called Clone was announced.

ssf 01_1

All new Steady State Fade products will be available this summer. Prices weren’t announced yet.