Around the corner as always the nice people from Noise Engineering coming up with five new eurorack modules this spring . This time it got more busy in the tool corner and they have a bunch of little helping friends with them:

Bin Seq a 4 HP switchable gate sequencer. Clep Diaz a Complex/multimode CV generator. Use Clep Diaz to generate stepped, random, or LFO CVs where you have control over directionality of the CV (up, up/down, or down) and over the nature of the CV signal: In Step & Rand mode, choose the number of steps in the cycle. In LFO mode, control the amplitude of the LFO. Also in 4Hp.

noiseengineering 01_s

Mimetic Digitalis is a 10 HP 16-step two-dimensional CV sequencer optimized for live use.  At its simplest, MD is a simple two-dimensional 16-step sequencer with 4 CV outs and a trigger out. Pause the clock to individually program each step…or.. use the encoder to live edit patterns or zero any step or combination of patterns with the Zero button or create a randomized, rhythmic CV with the Shred button or Edit to your heart’s content, and return to your initial pattern (choruslike!) with the touch of a button. – And of course lots of cv control on board .

noiseengineering 02_s

Muta Jovis is a 4 HP switchable quad mute. Soleo Vero is a little tuner in 4 HP. A patch-through stroboscope tuner which tunes up to three oscillators without having to patch/unpatch and thru the stroboscope it its possible to tune without audio on.

noiseengineering 04_s

Some of their eurorack moduless will be although in 5U format available that will be the three of oscillators: Basimilus Iteritas MagnusCursus Iteritas Magnus, and Manis Iteritas Magnus in 5U. Look for those for simultaneous release in the next few months.

Some of the new modules can be found in this video by sonicstate: