Mordax is developing a granular synthesis system called GXN. Audio material can be recorded directly via two inputs (L / R). Alternatively, it is possible to feed existing files to the module via a microSD card slot. The GXN works with a resolution of 32 Bit. In use, the NAMM prototype shined with thick, high-resolution sound. Several grain windows will be available in the final version. The playback range can be adjusted manually or synchronized to an external clock. Furthermore, there will be internal modulators as well as six CV connectors with routing options. For playing the GXN, there are a 1v / octave and a trigger input. Mordax aimes to have a production unit ready for SUPERBOOTH18 in May, so come to Berlin to get a chance to to play with the GXN!

mordax 03_s

And here is a video by sonicstate: