Five12 showed a prototype of the eagerly awaited Vector sequencer at the NAMM show 2018. The module features eight parts with up to 64 steps each. Pitch, gate events and velocity values can be notated. Additionally, there are lots of complementing parameters, for instance groove, gate as well as step length, ratchet, step repeat, skip, mute, chance options, scale quantization and more. On top of that, each part is equipped with up to eight-step modulation sequencers. They can be connected to several parameters. CV inputs make it possible to use external LFOs, envelopes, function generators and so forth to influence the Vector’s work. The implemented storage system allows you to save presets and scenes. Patterns can be recorded in steps, via a one octave keyboard on the front panel or an external MIDI controller. In detail, the module is equipped with two 1/8″ MIDI outs and a bidirectional USB port. Furthermore, two sets of pitch, gate and velocity outputs are available. More connectors can be added to the Vector via an expander module. It features another four control voltage sets (pitch / gate / velocity), eight trigger outputs as well as MIDI-DIN and DIN-Sync ports. Despite of all its functions, the Vector is very easy to use. Two displays visualize parameters. Thanks to key combinations, it is possible to edit several steps at once.

five12 sequnzer 01Price and release date for the Vector have yet to be determined. According to Five12, a prototype close to production status will be shown at the SUPERBOOTH18.

five12 sequnzer 03