We met Marc from Eowave today. He showed us 3 new Modules and the Quadrantid Swarm desktop Synth which should be all available within this spring. The Capsule Titan MK2 is huge Module and the multiplied x2 Version of the former version with 2 TITAN discrete oscillators and a MAGNETOSPHERE 24 dB discrete filter, SOMMATEUR mixer and 2 x Vca / Adsr & the ZONE B.F. modulke including 2 x LFOs.

eowave 04_s

Swing is a little module with 4 trigger in/ outs adding some swing to your 16th note based march music. – very-help-full. VCO Orage got a bit updated and has now a  SUB-output aswell. The Quandrantid Swarm is a versatile, unique instrument to explore exquisite and unfamiliar timbres that range from subtle to outrageous, nebulous to shimmering. It is comprised of a digital synthesizer voice with a percussive element, 2 pole analog filter, an LFO with 8 waveforms, and a spring reverb. The 8 touch keys can be used as a mono keyboard, polyphonic keyboard or an 8 step sequencer. The QS interfaces with other instruments via MIDI, and CV/Trig inputs. Pre-patching allows you to get hands on immediately, but you can and should use patch cables to to fully explore the potential of this instrument.

eowave 01_s

eowave 02_s