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Intellijel are here at Namm with Danjel and Kamil and they brought a whole bouquet of new products to the NAMM show.

Intel1Plonk is a duophonic percussion generator using Physical Modeling to create sound. It was developed in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems. The user can choose between several exciters and resonators. Further parameters allow detailed sound design, two of them can be assigned to the X and Y controls. Finalized programs can be saved in one of 128 preset slots. It is even possible to import and export them via USB. Plonk will be available in the second quarter of 2017.


intel4intel3Another promising release is the Tetrapad, a control unit with four force sensitive touch faders. Thanks to several modes, it is possible to use the operating elements as faders, drum or chord triggers and more. Furthermore, a new version of the Springray will be available soon. It comes equipped with a filter instead of an equalizer and an improved drive circuit. Tetrapad and the new Springray will hit the stores within the next weeks.


intel8But wait, there is more: The Shifty ! It is kind of an automatic switch, which transforms a monophonic sequence into a polyphonic one. Signals can be split in up to four voices with variable order.



intel6intel7The 1 HP department was expanded with new circuits like a digital reverb and a headphone amp. Details regarding pricing and availability are yet to come.