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Moritz Scharf from our friends Endophines – presents their new superslick Modular Desktop endshSynth the powerful Shuttle Complete System

..which includes the new Cockpit / new Grand terminal / Gateway / Furtherrr Generator & Shuttle Control and of course a really beautiful powered slim Case / Ttrs connector & and a bag for it.
It should come within the next weeks – and will be around 2300 € – and there will be optional smaller faceplates available for the future.
Of course their two new modules will be available alone as well.

endorphines_cockpit_faceplate_frontThe Cockpit is a 6 HP / 4 stereo channels performance mixer – the missing link to the full 84 HP full shuttle system wich can be connected to ipad / drum machines etc. It has although 2 send /returns to use an iOS device as an FX processor & an on board sidechainable compressor – not to forget a stereo out. – It should be available end of the month.

gt_frontThe Grand terminal is already available and is a digital multipurpose module for ambitious sound designers. It contains two function generators, which can be used as envelopes, LFOs or VCOs, two filter channels with eight modes of operation, mixing and routing options as well as a multi effects unit.

If you re at Namm visit them at hall B booth #4911.