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Delptronics presented some hot, new modules at the NAMM show. PitchMan is a small, yet powerful sequencer and arpeggiator. It features configurable jacks, knobs with variable range, editable sequence order and length as well as quantization and transposition options. Thanks to the PitchMan’s plain layout with lots of LEDs and no menus, creating melodies is easy as pie.

The second new module is called WheelMan. It is a dual sequential voltage processor with two 8-step outputs and a 16-step output. Utilizing the module’s knobs, signals can be amplified, attenuated and inverted. Input A is normalized to 5 V, input B is normalized to instance A. WheelMan can be chained (and slaved) to the PitchMan.

delphAlso a little spring module – a co-operation with elctrofaustus the Blackfly EF110m to create springsounds or use it as a voltage generator for levels or envelopes etc – very enjoyable.