Quite a surprise is Waldorf’s effort on Eurorack modular. Besides the already available nw-1 wavetable VCO they have three new modules and a highly interesting keyboard enclosure.


Let’s start with the latter, the kb37. Super hi-quality Fatar keyboard with glide, directly selectable note priorities and modulation and pitch wheels with CV outputs; rugged construction; 100HP space for modules and enough power, MIDI/CV interface with four individually assignable CC outputs; line level stereo audio output.


mod1 is a combination of 3 different modulators:

  • LFO with adjustable & voltage controllable symmetry and rate.
  • multistage ADSR featuring 3 decay breakpoints, each  with time and level parameters, can be used as a sequencer, too!
  • loopable AD-type envelope

Waldorf-mod-dvcadvca1 integrates two VCAs which can be coupled in different ways, for stereo, panning or crossfading use. It has extra gain for distortion and per channel both linear and exponential CV inputs. “Colour” adds a lopass gate effect based on a state variable filter.


Waldorf-compressorFinally the cmp1, a mighty hi-end compressor module with integrated envelope follower, flexible side chain options, bleedthru-parameter passing unprocessed input signal for parallel compression, hard/soft knee modes, up to +12dB makeup gain.