Simone of FRAP Tools from Italy has good news. His beautiful and extremely well-engineered foldable case UNO will be eventuelly available in an enhanced version with SILTA, a power solution + power brick and SEI, a 6-channel trunk line which connects 3.5mm sockets on the faceplate to six 1/4″ sockets on the rear of the case. The SILTA power solution and the SEI will be available separately, too.

Furthermore a 126 HP wide version of the case will be available offering a better HP-to-money ratio (1.5 Euros per HP, not bad for such a good product)

FRAP_120 FRAP_sei_rear FRAP-sei-front


PLUS is an affordable, modular Eurorack Skiff-type enclosure. One unit is 42HP wide and can be easily expanded to create a longer case (84HP, 126HP, 168HP and so on, as you like). Add wooden panels if desired. Also it is possible to mount the boxes vertically to stack them. Any type of enclosure will be possible that way, always as big as you need it. A starter pack will include 4 units.