P1090544P1090455 P1090459 Make Noise being there with a big nice team ,introducing 5 new modules the FXDf and RxMx will come very soon – tELhARMONIC , CTRLSEL V and CTRLSEL C  will be done till summer 2015.

The FXDf is a 4hp 6-band filter bank offering simultaneous 6 and 12 db/octave inputs. The FXDf  is very useful for isolating different portions of the spectrum for analog and digital signal processing . The RxMx [pronounciation: Rixmix] is a vactrol based 6 input 3 output macro lowpass gate which excels at smooth dynamic blending for a kind of automatic mixing.

The tELhARMONIC will be a 3 voice additive synthesis module coded by Tom Erbe – CTRLSEL V will be a module for storing and recalling states in a modular synth and CTRLSEL C for creating and recalling complex timing arrangements.

thx to Tony and Kelly giving us a constructive break at the roof of namm building.