Logan Erickson   Low-Gain Electronics DAC sequencer
One of the freshest manufacturers at Schneiders is Low-Gain Electronics. Herr Schulz had a good chat with Logan regarding his philosophy to offer very well-engineeered products with superb mechanical quality. Expect good stuff from him as this guy knows exactly what he’s doing and he is doing it right!
The DAC is a fresh idea of a non-linear sequencer that is not driven by one clock but up to three gates determining the active step in a binary fashion. Gate mode or latching mode make a difference how the steps are addressed and each step can output not only a CV but either a trigger or a gate. Sounds weird? Nah, it’s not!! It’s a very creative machine which gives you the possibility to jam and edit your sequence all time, getting rid of strict linearity without being totally random. Controlled happy accidents 🙂
Release date is not sure yet but sooner than later in 2015.

Uh, and one or two expander modules with additional CV and /or trigger rows will probably follow.