Møffenzeff Modular

Ross Fish, creative mind of Møffenzeff Modular, introduced two new instruments to us. First and foremost, there is the Stargazer. – A powerful, sometimes ear-piercing drone generator. The synthesizer features two wavetable oscillators with 90 waveforms and a detune option. Furthermore, there are two resonant low-pass filters, three wavetable LFOs, sample rate and bit reduction, amplitude modulation as well as CMOS distortion. An expression pedal input can be used to control the speed of all the LFOs at the same time. – Very nice for playing live! Hint: You can also use a photo cell wired to a TRS jack and play the synthesizer like a Theremin. – Extremely cool! Thanks to the 12 bit resolution of its wavetables, the Stargazer’s sound is much more “in your face” than other drone generators. Add some additional sample rate / bit reduction and you get crunchy, sometimes screaming results. – Perfect for people who like it rough. Its steel enclosure makes the instrument a perfect companion for hardcore gigs. All that said, it should be mentioned that the Stargazer can also generate smooth sounds. For instance, we created some very atmospheric organ-style drones at Superbooth 2018.

Møffenzeff Modular_2

The second new instrument is called Jarmageddon. It basically has one purpose: Noise! – Not soft, analog white or pink noise, but disturbing, unpredictable, bleeping, ear-crushing, digital noise. The miniature synthesizer has one voltage controllable parameter: Glitch. Feed Jarmageddon’s output to a voluminous reverb and / or a smooth sounding delay and you’ll have tons of fun! As the name suggests, Jarmageddon was designed to be housed in a jar. Of course, you can also put the miniature noise beast into lots of other housings or just play it “naked”. Jarmageddon is powered by a 9 V battery.

A small quantity of Stargazers will be available at SchneidersLaden soon. We’ll also have the Jarmageddon in stock soon. – A great gift for friends who like noise… Or for yourself.