The Metasonix RK6 is a low-pass filter based on a tube-design. In this video we show one of the great strengths of this module – adding warmth to digital oscillators. Our sound source in this example is the E-355 – we send the signal alternately directly into the mixer and through the RK6 and then into the mixer. No other effects are used. Why are we doing this? That’s what Phil can explain best:

“Often customers ask me how to add some warmth to a digital signal or sample. I never really had an answer ready, because many devices saturate and distort nicely but lack in delivering on precisely this cliché. When it comes down to it, to make it sound warm all the ugly, cold and overexaturated parts of the signal should be eliminated. The beautiful parts should be captured and enhanced. The Metasonix RK6 closes this gap like a hero. Listen to the linked Video below to hear how it forms a round piece of music from of a cold, stiff wavetable sequence. The 2nd part of the video contains pure Metasonix DNA.
Conclusion: It is ugly but closes a crucial gap in your soul.”