Thursdays at SchneidersLaden are workshop-and-live-music-days: We hope to see you again this week, for another workshop and performance night at SchneidersLaden! This time we are happy to have INSTANT as our guests!

The duo from Berlin Kreuzberg pulls off a unique and live electronic performance far beyond of just playing pre-produced tracks. Their interaction combines abstract electrical and extravagant-harmonic sounds with repetitive rhythms and driving basses. The audience experiences the creative process and is mesmerized by the extraordinary analog sound.

Hear some modular live music and learn how to play live on stage from artists who know!

No registration needed, the event is free.

THURSDAY – February 28 – 7.30pm @SchneidersLaden
// right after our weekly Modular Beginner Workshop at 6pm

Check out the latest SUPERBOOTH18 video release to see INSTANT at work! At that time they where still known under the name #INSTANTBONER

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19