As part of the SuperBooth20 Home Edition we have found a temporary home for our beloved Modular Karussell at Große Hamburger Strasse 36 in Berlin Mitte at the gallery GH36 operated by Mr. Adam Chalk.

Our vision is to provide a privat space for everyone to explore the karussell and the surrounding instruments, such as the Haken Continuum as a field of experiementation and exploration.

Wether you are based in the modular scene, the intrumental side of music making or DJing does not matter. You can pick up your intrument and feed it through the Modular Karusell or run your vinyl collection through it. Many different scenarios are possible. One can always record their sessions and take them home. A video synthesizer and a beamer are also installed so that the combination of instrumental, electronic and visual becomes possible in one small and cozy place!

It is also possible to play a gig for the street as we have installed a speaker on the outside of the gallery. To set up a privat appointment contact Mr. Adam Chalk via Two people will be allowed in for each session.

There is no general booking fee required while a small donation to the gallery is welcome.