Whoever has a ticket for the Musikmesse in Frankfurt can try out various combinations of modular systems until Friday. The space and the modular systems are under the care of the nice gentlemen that you see on picture above Tom K. and Sacha K..

HerrSchneider and Musikmesse organized a 90 square meter big room for modular synthesizers at this years Musikmesse. The room is dedicated to educate school children in this exciting form of art. This is a contribution to building a following generation of synthesists, sound artists and musicians, as well as a chance to present the possibilities of modular synthesizer to contribute to physics, math and music classes to school teachers.

This mission will be continued and enhanced during this years SUPERBOOTH19, where the whole Saturday will be dedicated to education with special workshops for pupils and students.

Schools, universities and other educational institutions are welcome to ask for reduced ticket prices for the educational Saturday at SUPERBOOTH19. More info can be found here.