Jean Fricke and his dad Manfred present a new drum instrument at Superbooth 2018. – The Tanzbär 2. It features analog as well as digital voices. Besides drum generators, there are three sample players and a FM synthesizer voice. On top of that, there is a multi-track step sequencer with classic layout. A pattern can be up to 64 steps long. Each track can have a different length. Thus, polyrhythmic results can be easily created.


In detail, the Tanzbär 2 features the following instruments:

  • Two kick voices
  • Two snares
  • Three toms / congas
  • Three sample voices
  • Two crash variations
  • Closed hi-hat
  • Open hi-hat
  • Clap / Perc 1
  • Rim / Perc 2
  • Ride / Perc 3

The second generation of the Tanzbär will be available in summer 2018. The price will be 980 Euro (including 19% VAT).

In other news: MFB also shows some new modules at Superbooth 2018. – All circuits will be available soon, the price per product will be less than 100 Euro. In detail, the following modules were announced:

  • VCO / DCO – An audio generator with switchable core (analog / digital)
  • ADSR – An envelope with voltage controllable parameter and loop function
  • Visual VCA – Combines a VCA and an oscilloscope
  • 24 dB VCF SSI – A filter, based on the circuit design of Korg’s Monopoly.