MFB will be shipping Nanozwerg and Urzwerg finally now. Both are small but stout!

messe1The tiny NANOZWERG forces Doepfers Dark Energy into hard competition! Equipped with either noise or suboctave, an LFO with abilty to be CV-controlled and therefor to be used as a second playable oscillator plus a multimode filter at almost half the price of Dark Energy! MFB things seem to be turned upside down!

URZWERG, only slightly bigger than his little yellow mate, is the first small cv/gate sequencer that offers 4 chainable tracks of 8 steps each while the user may define independent loop size for each track still.
Select quantization or run free, set max amount of CV-output, gate time length and glide factor for track 1+2 and 3+4 individually!

As if all that wasn’t enough to convince the modular/analogue community Urzwerg lets you voltage control the internal clock too. So it may run slower/faster thru certain steps. This is the very first time a pricy sequencer introduces such a powerful feature. Of course you can also totally replace the internal clock by any other clock-like source.

All those you love randomization may set the unit to random step adressing.

Premium information and guidance is also offered Thursday, 17th of june (this week) here at Schneidersladen at 6pm when we have Uwe George Giegler of MFB in the house.