Mario Hammer and the lonely Robot for a smart sunset on the seaside stage to finish a weird day with an earlier gig of FUCKETYBUCKETY on the K1 quadrophonical stage? ..saw great guys called Ricardo and Max, one of the Ramsteiners and others. Colin Benders was performing live, sailing back home finally? Listening  to Carlos African Beats on a boot shuttle down the river, fell into the C-Base, Robert Lowe could be the name of a guy making a generative patch on a rotating installation with six modulars, a very special place. some sleep. Next day back to the FEZ with the S-Bahn arriving Wuhlheide. The Park Train took me around for free. Friday afternoon d´Voxx performing outdoors, directly afterwards I had this workshop and built myself a very first DIY eurorack case; understood: Now I am a junkie! Many nice talks about it afterwards, Alissa deRubeis as 4MS had some good hints for us, I will join for the girls workshop tomorrow. Monika Werkstatt, another smart lady from the UK and finally Matt Didemus from Junior Boys together with Mark Verbos rocked the remaining friday, a Boat shuttle with Tangerine Dream was sold out, but there was a second one, luckily – C-Base again, Friday night.
Saturday half past one: Synths4girls just for girls, well done. Listening to different speakers – audio monitors, two three speaker lounges, now I know what to listen to. 4 oclock: live composing, no .. listening to skinnerbox, Mouse on Mars. Meeting Mike Shannon. Frank Bretschneider? #INSTANTBONER on the boat, great party starty, taking over the OHM for the final countdown: Jackie Houser-Brown – funny, plenty of modular heroes, Daniel Miller and again, the end of times in the C-base? perhaps. It could have been the superbooth.