p1060564(NAMM 2012/8) Make Noise alias Tony Rolando and his girlfriend showed off their modules, probably the most beloved collection in the eurorack apart from the well known Doepfer ones.

Their latest creation has been called the „DPO“ as e.g. dixie pimp oscillator, dildo porn output, dummy package offer or whatever. Tony told about even more strange variations and ideas from existing clients. p1060566
The announcement of the DPO did already generate preorders so Paul at schneidersladen took it into the system that you could set preorders now. Another new model that make noise is working on will be called „soundhack echophone“. You can see both by a clic on the pic!

In addition Tony had one of his new busboards – still below the table. It was made for extra flat casings for themselves with flat mounted module connectors all around as you should see on the pic. It serves two rows of modules at once with connectors, what p1060568makes it in addition even more effective.