A couple of days ago , i found some older Freaks@home articles in the “Sound & Recording” Magazine, & yes i think they are worth reading First was about Arthur Schneller (S&R 11/07) an old friend of the Schneider familiy & owner of an exclusive restaurant in berlin (Ottenthal) and an even more exclusiv Doepfer Modular system with more than 20 VCO’S and and and ,furthermore he is interested in barok music & musicians (arthur called them punks for that time of history) and how to get that on a musically way played & transfered on his modular system – well great idea.

The second article is about Sunny Vollherbst (S&R 01/09 ,so not that old) or may better known under his Project Names “Q”,”Q2″,”Q3″ & the 6 manband  “Glacier”. He works mainly as FOH technican for Serveral Indie Clubs in Hamburg and bands like Tocotronic etc. His Studio called “The SYNTHESIZER STUDIO HAMBURG” is an analogue Snthesizer recording studio with 38 analog Synthesizers and 18 vintage DRUM MACHINES. It blows the mind of every analogue freak and the best thing is, it can be booked for other productions as well, .. for further news about him and his projects look on myspace.com for qelectro, synthesizerpark, glaciermusic.

One of the biggest Articels about Modular Systems , history , brands and manufactures and their most famous products which includes very nice module pics has been released in the “Sound on Sound” Magazine from April 2009 – – this is really fantastic & definitly worth to have a look for to read.

There is another none unspectacular german article called “kabelsalat” written februar 2008 in the german magazine “Keys” introducing doepfer ,mfb ,synthetic Music Systems, Livewire & Cwejman modules – really good especially for newcomer who wants to get a bit deeper information of the Patchworld.