It’s been a while since you could buy a new Audio Frequency Generator by Livewire from a shop – two or three years ago there were a few on the market – since then (and long time before that) you had to be (very) lucky to find one on the used market. Now it is back! Preorder yours here.

The Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) is one of the most comprehensive VCOs in Eurorack format. It is a massive VCO with interesting features like the complex “harmonic animation” section. It provides an enormous variety of waveforms and timbres and allows extensive modulations. And it is designed with expandability in mind – there will be modules which are intended to further expand upon the AFGs sound shaping capabilities!

And more good news: Also the Livewire Frequensteiner will be re-stocked. HerrSchneiders favorite filter is still one of the best filters for that classic acid sounds and it offers one of the nicest band-pass modes on the market. Get yours here!