Knobcon is a special synthesizer convention now in its sixth year with performances, workshops and vendors. It is a really interesting place for experimental sounds and the tools to create it. Not being in the middle of Chicago, Ill., but a bit outside the city gives you a distraction free focus on the event. This is true heaven for synth nerds and sound designers, a place to talk about technical details and your latest sonic explorations for hours with likeminded people.

As in the past years the guests could get their hands on a fair amount of equipment that you would not be able to find at any random music shop and they could talk directly to the creators of this rare equipment. A quite big selection of synthesizer manufacturers were on site as exhibitors, spread across three exhibition rooms. We have been there to represent Doepfer Musikelektronik, other brands on site were Zvex, Black Market ModularFuture Retro, Jomox and many more.

Additionally there has been a room for talks and presentations, a workshop-room, a concert room and a pavilion – where a banquette was held for and with the guest of honor Tom Oberheim who also held a keynote.

The topics of the workshops at Knobcon were wide-ranging. From a “The Basics of Synthesis”-workshop to “Ask me anything”-afternoon with Tom Oberheim. And there have been some DIY workshops available for all those who like to do handicrafts. Here you could built the almighty Ornament & Crime eurorack module, a standalone version of the legendary Benjolin or the Jarmageddon noise synth. The concert room was providing ever-changing audio and visual experiences throughout the weekend, provided by volunteers and guests of Knobcon number six.

All in all, Knobcon was a successful event for all those who are already deeply involved in the matter. Here you can find some visual impressions: