Thursday, May 11, 2023

It’s SUPERBOOTH23 time!

UPDATE: SUPERBOOTH23 is on – don’t miss it! Get your ticket here!

This is THE week – SUPERBOOTH23 week! Berlin will once again be the city with the most synthesizer designers and enthusiasts in the world for the three days of SUPERBOOTH23. The weather is already perfect in Berlin and more and more announcements of exciting new synthesizer modules and other instruments are coming in. And the Superbooth teams is also sharing exciting news with us:

There’ll be even more workshops from brands such as Korg, Soma Synths and our Berlin friends from Bitwig Studio, who will be hosting a workshop on the new open-source plugin format CLAP.

Zähl Elektronik Tontechnik will be hosting Listening & QA Sessions in their booth (O203) with Devon Analogue & ALM (Thursday), Teenage Engineering (Friday) and Nils Frahm (Saturday). Be there if you want to learn more about the AM-1 console from Michael Zähl!

Concert & performance lineup:

On Thursday the Seebühne stage will be hosted by Doepfer, Friday by Nord Keyboards and Saturday by Bitwig Studio. The Session stage will be hosted by Das Synthesizer Magazin. You’ll find the full timetable on the SUPERBOOTH23 website, under “CONCERTS”.

With over 30 performances from all areas of electronic and electro-acoustic music, there will be something for everyone at SB23. You’ll be able to hear – among others – the Berghain residents Sam Barker and Blush Response, the modular-techno performer Tunegirl, Tomorrow The Cure from the UK, Mark Verbos of Verbos Electronics, Trovarsi & ALX-106 of WMD from the US, Matt Thibideau from Canada, Maarten Vos & JiSoo from the Netherlands and South Korea, as well as Flirren, Nadia Struiwigh, JuX, Xhaosmology Project, Uglydub, St.raumen, Wilted Woman and Nerkkirn (Peter Kirn + Benjamin Weiss) who are based in Berlin.

In terms of style and genre, the performances will range from rave-y techno (Tunegirl, Trovarsi & ALX-106, Blush Response) to dub and ambient (Matt Thibideau, Tomorrow The Cure, Sam Barker), to electro-acoustic mixtures (Silver Galaxy, Maarten Vos & Jisoo Park, Flirren) to complex sound experiments (Xhaosmology Project, Intuitive Dialogues, Véronica Mota).

Don’t miss SB23, as it’ll be at least another year until the next Superbooth! Visit this exceptional synthesizer event and celebrate three days of electronic music making culture! Pre-sale tickets are still available over at


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