chesnaWe recognized many customers coming from countries outside the european union often do not know that they do not have to afford VAT here. When mail ordering the prices excluding VAT matter to you only. These are shown on the web shop right besides the normal inclusive prices.

[All people located inside the EU have to pay this because they may benefit from all the autobahn, hospitals and schools being built from all the taxes!]

The shipping rates are mostly affordable. Shipping two Cwejman modules to either תֵּל־אָבִיב (Tel Aviv), Екатеринбург (Jekaterinburg), New York or 東京 (Tokio) will cost about 20,- to 30,-€ .. rates to South Africa and Australia can be slightly higher…
All people from those countries who visit Germany and make a purchase here may claim the VAT back at the airport they leave from via cash refund offices.