There are many many modules available these days but there is nothing quite like the Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX. The circuit has been on the market for some years as a guitar pedal and was adapted as a eurorack module later. The functionality remains the same and even the iconic paint job that you know from their pedals has been brought to the eurorack world. And if you are willing to pay more and wait a while for your module, you could even order a custom painted module directly from their homepage. This way you can be the owner of a unique hand painted module from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


But lets focus on the functions the Instant Lo-Fi Junky has to offer. The Instant Lo-Fi Junky has a mono input and output, what happens to your audio signal between these sockets is a lot and can create a very distinguishable effect. There are four different knobs to control the sound, one sets a relation between compression and a LoFi bandpass filter effect. Then there is one knob for the modulation speed of the vibrato and one for the modulation depth. With a switch you are able to select three different waveforms for the modulation. The fourth knob is a classic dry/wet mix which can add to the character of the sound by chorusing between the uncompressed signal and the highly compressed vibrato of the processed sound.

For all parameters there is a cv input. The input labeled ext enhances the functionality by letting you send in your own signals to modulate the Instant Lo-Fi Junky. This way you can mix your own modulation waveform or envelope with the internal one, by turning the depth control you set the amount of the two signals. By turning this knob all CCW you can eliminate the internal waveform from the mix.

How does it sound? The name says it all, it is an instant LoFi effect with a strong feeling of worn-out magnetic tape. It is generating warm, chorus and vibrato effects that are dampened in their frequency range and convey a vintage feeling. It is often heard in ambient patches and absolutely shines in that area, but use it only on a single element in your mix and it can lively up the whole feel of it without leaving you with a proto-ambient track. We had lots of fun testing the Instant Lo-Fi Junky! Check out the demo video below by Mr Zachery Vex himself, or visit SchneiderLaden if you are in Berlin. Our experts in the showroom will be happy helping you to find out how much Instant Lo-Fi you need in your life.