HerrSchneider posted a statement on the current situation of the Eurorack market on his schneidersbuero website – as this statement is in german here is a translation:

Attention, commercial break:

You asked for it: Due to the increased demand for Eurorack modules in Europe, even the large retailers for musical instruments are now filling the last corners of their warehouses and buying complete production runs from manufacturers and everything else they can get. Some manufacturers might be happy about this, but the flooding of the market already leads to a significant drop in prices here and there, some modules are already available with a 30% discount on the original calculated price and yet were still quite hot the other day!

As SchneidersLaden we have decided to go along with this development and of course offer corresponding products for the same price to our customers, although most of them have already bought them when the goods were still fresh and crisp! We’re almost a little sorry about that, but hopefully the hits are already produced and the music career is up and running? Nevertheless, sorry – but the decision for this way lies with the manufacturer and was not our recommendation!

By the way… we don’t advertise with moneyback-warranty… we’ve always practiced it. But please: get advice first, then buy – like in the good old days. Because it’s better to talk to your specialist retailer – we know what we are selling. And by the way: We do free shipping throughout Europe and there are Thursdays on that we are in the shop until nine o’clock in the evening …and real CHAOS serves creativity.

That had to be said – end of commercial break.

Why is this statement necessary? Basically SchneidersLaden and other specialist shops and distribution companies contributed largely in the positive, innovative development of the Eurorack market in the recent years. What you might not know is that SchneidersLaden is supporting small manufacturers with knowledge about legal requirements for the licensing of electronic products, business development and the knowledge about what customers are searching for. As a link between customers and manufacturers Schneidersladen has helped to promote innovation, brought together artists and the right tools for their art and has been working on creating a supportive culture among the users of electronic musical instruments and especially Eurorack modular synthesizers in Europe. With prices falling by 30% there will be less manufacturers, less innovation and less room for supportive activities throughout the whole scene. And yes: What you learn from the capitalist paradigm – competition is good and the market regulates the price. While this is somehow true if you are looking for cheap mass-produced products of (often) questionable quality. In Eurorack it means we are losing diversity and the non-competitive culture that has been so significant for almost anyone participating in this market. SchneidersLaden will continue its way, while having to compete on pricing with the big players. And yes, you can benefit from this development and save a few Euros – but take a second and think about what the future of Eurorack should look like. You are a part of this and your personal decisions matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – now go make some music, connect with other artists and keep supporting this unique scene.