Gudrun Gut once had a place in West Berlin, where everyone met, founded one of the first relevant women’s bands – Malaria, and has been working for years to help relax the unhealthy predominance of male DJs, artists and performers in electronic music through more female acts, which is not easy.

In this conversation between Gudrun Gut and HerrSchneider they pass SUPERBOOTH17 in review, talking about the constellation of Monika Werkstatt, the concept behind their two concerts and the life in Berlin before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Monika Werkstatt is a project of female artists that perform together. For SUPERBOOTH17 they had a special and courageous concept. Each of the five performers chose an instrument from one of the exhibiting manufacturers. Without knowing the instruments, other than from the event itself, they played two improvised concerts. An excerpt of each of the concerts can be seen in this video. Monika Werkstatt will be back at SUPERBOOTH18 in May! Get your tickets here.

Please enjoy! And please learn German for the conversation part, luckily the concert parts are in the universal language of music.