The first batch of modules by GRP arrived in Berlin! We are very much looking forward to try these Italian modules that promise to bring the outstanding quality of GRPs stand-alone synthesizers to eurorack. Not only high-quality parts and manufacturing distinguish this manufacturer, but also their sense for details. For example:

  • an audio through path in an envelope-follower module
  • or the lovely VU-meters on the output module
  • or a through path for gate signals in an ADSR
  • or this ultra-wide-range octave switch on the VCO module
  • or the feature list of the two available filters: separate outputs AND an additional output that can be switched between the available filter-slopes, two audio inputs and a built-in distortion are nothing less than an invitation for wild feedback adventures.

Nothing too fancy but so helpful. This fine sense for details can also be found in the sound, precise, big and classy. And have you seen the pictures? Beautiful Italian design! You want to check out the modules yourself? Great! Head over to the GRP product line on or check them out in the showroom.





Photos by Grp Synthesizer